Orangeries and Conservatories – We supply the best!

Most people are always looking to add extra space to their homes and a conservatory creates a cost effective way to increase internal space, maybe for a playroom, dining room, kitchen, or just another living room to enjoy. Adding a well-designed conservatory or Orangery should also add value to the property when the time comes to move on.

We supply Orangeries and Conservatories that are manufactured from modern aluminium and PVC-U materials. They are built to last, guaranteed not to, rust, rot, flake or peel. In effect our Conservatories and Orangeries are virtually maintenance free, requiring little more than the occasional wipe down with a damp cloth!

Conservatories to meet all requirements

We offer a wide range of designs and style finishes. DWS conservatories will complement your customers homes perfectly.

Your customers might be looking for an indoor area from which to enjoy their gardens, or maybe a new space to work from home or entertain, somewhere to relax or just some extra living space away from the kids! Whatever their requirements our conservatories can be individually designed to enhance and extend the home beautifully.

There are so many Conservatory and Orangery choices available from DWS. You can have a classic traditional design through to an ultra modern, contemporary style. We can tailor the conservatory to meet your client’s needs.

Our conservatories are available in a wide variety of style and colour options to suit every home. With a wide range of glass styles and extras to consider, such as handles, locks, blinds and ventilation, you can rely on us to offer you advice and practical suggestions, to ensure your customer gets exactly the conservatory or orangery of their dreams.

A style for every customers’ home

Whatever the  property you are working on we can design you a conservatory which will suit that property perfectly.

The Georgian and Edwardian conservatory will allow light to flood the new space due to its high roof style giving the room a bright and airy feel. With its flat front and rectangular/square shape, the conservatory ensures no wasted space, so plenty of room for furniture, plants or that new kitchen.

The Georgian and Edwardian conservatory can be installed onto any property, but the styling is best showcased on properties with existing Georgian or Edwardian architecture or features. This classic conservatory type combines practicality with style. The straight sides of the conservatory also make it an ideal choice for combining with a bi-fold door, creating a versatile option for internal/external layouts.

The Victorian conservatory is a timeless design that adds a touch of elegance to any home. Victorian conservatories typically have a 3 or 5 panel faceted end which gives them their unique look and charm. This multi-faceted bay gives excellent all-round views. The Victorian conservatory also provides an elegant way to soften the transition between house and garden.

Gable style conservatories have two sloped roof sections ending in a vertical gable end, like many house designs. The Gable style of conservatory works extremely well with older properties, and can help to echo the style of the main building. With a sense of architectural grandeur, the Gable end conservatory offers a light and airy design, additional headroom and excellent use of the available internal floor space.

The Lean-to style of conservatory is usually rectangular with a roof that slopes away from the property. The effect is modern, uncomplicated, with clean and simple lines, making them suitable for all house designs. A Lean-to is often referred to as a sun room or garden room (just sounds so much better!) and is an ideal style for properties with a limited amount of space. The pitch of the roof is variable so it is able to fit under low roofs, such as commonly found on bungalows, or with a steeper pitch for a detached house.

Lantern Style,  P Shape Design or Custom Build – By combining a mix of conservatory shapes you will be able to achieve more space and greater levels of flexibility e.g. you can add a Lean-to to a Georgian, or a Lean-to and a Victorian, with a 3 or 5 faceted front.
Whether your clients are wanting to create a P or T-shaped conservatory or something more unusual, such as a raised lantern roof design, we can handle the whole project for you – from design through to project management and build. Leaving you to deliver a custom-made conservatory perfectly suited to your customers’ requirements.

Orangery – For many people the Orangery is a step up from a Conservatory. Enhancing the Global range of proven conservatory designs and manufactured from the state of the art modern materials, the choice of Orangery design styles is vast.

Orangeries can provide a unique multi-purpose living space for every home, from kitchen extension, living room, dining room or playroom. Our orangery comes with the market leading Global Roof (see below) with a highly engineered internal framework, which is then plastered, which gives the roof a perimeter ceiling all the way round. Within this perimeter ceiling you can choose to add down-lighters and/or speakers giving you the opportunity to personalise the new room. Viewed from outside, the roof of the orangery is partially hidden by a decorative fascia and this shapely cornice conceals the orangery gutter for a more attractive external appearance. A conventional fully glazed conservatory might not be for everyone’s taste, therefore the added style and decorative elegance of an orangery creates a more substantial and interesting effect.

DWS Supply The No. 1 best selling Conservatory Roof System

By choosing a Global conservatory roof from DWS, you are choosing the UK’s No. 1 roof system. It has been engineered for excellence and has been exhaustively tested to ensure that it is robust, durable and long lasting. Using state-of-the-art design software, each Global roof system is designed to take conservatories to the next level and is only limited by your imagination. Our roofs have been tested and have been passed by the British Board of Agrément (BBA).

Our Conservatory Roof Systems include;

  • High strength rafters Designed to hold a larger roof, so you don’t have to compromise on your ideal design or weather performance.
  • Variable valley design The valley is designed to suit varying pitches and angles and is cloaked internally and externally to give an attractive aesthetic finish. Engineered for your peace of mind and exhaustively tested to ensure it’s durable, long lasting and robust.
  • Tie bolt Our precision engineered security locking bolt eradicates movement between the bolt and rafter, to give a strong and rigid anti-slip joint connection.
  • Single fixing bolt We don’t think it’s a good idea to drill holes in something that should be fully watertight, that’s why our single bolt fixing sits within its own purposely designed channel, which is then concealed from view by decorative internal trims.
  • Perfect lead flashing The starter bar is designed to leave a perfect lead flashing line seamlessly connecting the house and conservatory. The lead dresses into a built-in soaker forming a watertight seal and no lead needs to be dressed over the top cap, therefore preventing unsightly staining.
  • Aluminium woodgrain and painted top caps Our woodgrain and painted external top cappings are made from aluminium, so they will not warp or distort under extreme heat or split under extreme cold. Low level gasket system No one wants to look at their conservatory roof and see thick black gaskets around every glazing bar. That’s why we have designed our roof with concealed gaskets.
  • End caps All external rafter end caps have a shoulder around the visible face for a more substantial and decorative appearance.

Enjoy Fabulous Colours

Add personality and style with our range of coloured conservatories. Coloured frames offer an authentic alternative to timber-built ones, but without the associated problems of high maintenance and higher cost.

Although white is still the most popular exterior and interior colour on the windows of Britain’s homes, there is a strong trend towards more colour and more people are choosing to personalise their homes to suit their style. If they want a woodgrain finish on the exterior and white on the interior – they can have it. For a much more creative look, choose a coloured finish from our Artisan range.

Glazing options

Your choice of conservatory roof is extremely important. With a choice of glass or polycarbonate you’ll be able to find an option that suits you perfectly.

Low maintenance glass – A revolutionary coating can be applied to glass as part of the manufacturing process, which means that it is fused to the surface of the glass and therefore lasts the lifetime of the pane. The coating uses the rain and natural light from the sun to efficiently combat the dirt and grime that accumulates on the outside of the window. By reducing the need for manual cleaning it provides the ideal solution for keeping those dangerous or hard to reach areas clean.

  • A permanent coating that lasts the lifetime of the window
  • Perfect for areas that are hard to clean
  • Glass stays cleaner for longer
  • Less dirt and grime adheres to the window, so any cleaning is quick and easy
  • Reduced window cleaning bills
  • Less frequent use of cleaning materials, so kinder on the environment
  • Available in a range of tint colours.

How does it work? Firstly, the special coating harnesses the natural daylight which triggers the breakdown of the dirt and grime on the outside of the glass and secondly, when the rainwater hits the glass, rather than forming droplets, it flattens and spreads out across the surface of the glass helping to wash away the dirt and grime. This sheeting effect also minimises spots and streaks by helping the glass to dry more quickly and evenly.

Glass – Our range of Low E, low maintenance and solar control glasses are the perfect choice for customers looking for the ultimate in glass solutions. A glass roof dramatically improves the views from within any conservatory, allows for more natural sunlight and instantly gives your new conservatory that all important wow factor.

Low E glass has a microscopic metal coating which reflects the heat back into the room. Double glazed units which incorporate this glass offer up to 33% better insulation than conventional insulating glass units, therefore keeping your home warmer and reducing your heating bills.

Solar control glass can be used on our conservatory roofs to help prevent the build-up of heat during the hot summer months. The coating on the glass helps reflect the heat from the sun back to the outside of the conservatory giving you a more comfortable and usable living space. The glass is available in a range of tints which allows the glass to absorb more heat, whilst the coating reflects the heat back to the outside.

  • Tinted to absorb the heat
  • Coated to reflect the heat back to the outside
  • Tint and coating together absorbs and reflects heat for maximum comfort
  • Eliminates the need for expensive window dressing
  • Reduced fading of carpets and furniture.

Polycarbonate is a light-weight insulating glazing material manufactured from damage resistant material, which provides resistance against the effects of UV weathering.

  • High natural light transmission
  • Range of clear and tinted options
  • Excellent structural durability
  • Thermally insulating options
  • Damage and impact resistant
  • Weatherable and UV resistant.

Any Questions? We are here to help…

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